Our Promise

Helping the four UK Chef Organisations to support the chefs who need it most

“At Major, we are aware of how hard the UK Chef Organisations work and believe it's time for us to help give something back to the industry. We know this isn’t the total answer to the problem, but it’s a step in the right direction.”

David Bryant, Managing Director, Major International Ltd

our commitment

The four UK Chef Organisations work incredibly hard all year round to support professional chefs and keep the culinary industry thriving, making Major proud to run a scheme that benefits them all. 
Launched in 2015, Our Promise is our way of giving something back to the industry and thanking The Craft Guild of Chefs, The Federation of Chefs Scotland, The Culinary Association of Wales and The British Culinary Federation for the hard work they do throughout the year.
Since the scheme started, our promise has been to donate an equal amount of money to each organisation every time a pot of Major Product is sold in the UK Foodservice Market. The money raised goes towards helping chefs during times of hardship and is donated in a lump sum on Major Red Friday at the end of every year.
To support the scheme, simply look for the Our Promise sticker on every pot of Major Product and help us

give something back!

our passion

Major currently sponsor the British Culinary Federation and The Craft Guild of Chefs Culinary Teams.
The Olympics, held every 4 years, is the second largest culinary event in the world, with many other chefs competing both regionally and individually. Both the senior and junior teams performed very well, with the BCF team bringing home a haul of 24 medals.